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Pupper Supper (board game zine)

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It's a zine! It's a true story! It's a board game! Pupper Supper by Bee and Dr. Banannwn takes you into the hour before the (very real) cat Nettle and Siberian husky dogs Zorg and Hachi get to eat their dinner. Everyone is staring at you hungrily and starting to act out ... do you take the dogs out for a walk, or take the riskier short path of trying to get some work done inside?

  • 1-4 players
  • 15-25 minutes per game
  • all-ages

This game is in an oversized minizine format that folds up to give you the game directions, and unfolds to give you a 11 x 17" game board. It's hard to describe, so please watch these two short videos on my Instagram account to see it in action.

Please note: this listing only includes the reversible rulebook and game board. To play, you will need a 6-sided die and enough game pieces (dried beans, pebbles, coins, bottle caps, or what have you) for each player. If you do not have a die, the rules include some other easy ways to generate a random number between 1 and 6.

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